KAWASAKI. La storia

The story of Shozo Kawasaki, a name that became a legend and has been transformed into myth, a hundred-year-old story, a fable from a different time. A cosmic echo that preserves the work of a man whose name already encapsulated those four perfect syllables like the scene of a transverse, in-line four-stroke four. From the origins back in 1878, of the first manufactures in the naval sector, to the aviation, railway and automotive and construction products and through to the creation of motorcycles, the principal focus of this book. The Kawasaki Story features the Akashi firm’s motorcycling output from 1952 through to the present day, with photographs, technical files, model codes and the features of every single two-, three- and four-wheel model. Contents enhanced by the Kawasaki Racing section with the stories of riders, bikes, technology, events, world titles, victories, records, epic duel and so much more. A journey that has lasted no less than 65 years, a period in which the Kawasaki Heavy Industries colossus has successfully combined tradition and technological development in a marriage of rare passion, transferring a particular sentiment into the historic and current production of its motorcycles. The tangible proof that everything may be created, but that nothing must be forgotten.
Author(s): Giovanni Iodice
Size: 26x25 cms
Pages: 384
Photos: centinaia a colori
Hardbound with jacket
Text: Italian

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