HONDA LEGENDS. Le moto che hanno fatto sognare gli italiani

In 1968, the Honda CB 750 Four changed the motorcycling world. It can without doubt be claimed that with that iconic four-cylinder, sold in over 500,000 examples throughout the world, the Japanese company revolutionised the two-wheeled sector. It laid the foundations for the firm’s rapid and unstoppable rise to the top as it came to dominate the global market. Starting out with the CB 750 Four, this book traces the story of Honda in Italy, examining, analysing and describing the 39 most significant models that flanked and followed it on the Italian market and that as the undisputed protagonists of the dreams of generations of motorcyclists have helped nourish the Honda legend from 1968 to the present day.
Author(s): Claudio Corsetti
Size: 26x25 cms
Pages: 192
Photos: hundreds in b/n and in colour
Hardbound with jacket
Text: Italian

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